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  • The Value of a Customer

    In the recent wake of the Comcast "customer service" viral audio clip, perhaps it's time that we all remember the value of each individual customer. 

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  • Machine Gun Kelly

    George "Machine Gun Kelly" Barnes and his ties to the city of Memphis.

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  • Sun Studio's Matt Ross-Spang Rediscovers a Vintage Sound

    The early records of Elvis, Johnny, Carl and Jerry Lee all had a certain "sound." A young recording engineer at Sun Studio recreates it for today's bands.

    Matt Ross-Spang tells NPR some of the secrets behind the recording process of producer Sam Phillips. But here's one cool detail that didn't make the main story: "the Rockabilly Hiccup."

    It was a byproduct of the "slapback echo" effect that Phillips liked to use.

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