Terry Gildea http://wknofm.org en Podcaster Risks Excommunication For Defending Gay Mormons http://wknofm.org/post/podcaster-risks-excommunication-defending-gay-mormons Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are cracking down on members who openly dispute the doctrine of the faith. Earlier this week, a Mormon feminist was excommunicated for pursing membership in the all-male priesthood of the church. Now another member, John Dehlin, is facing the same fate — for questioning scripture and speaking out on behalf of gay Mormons.<p>Dehlin records a new episode of <a href="http://mormonstories.org/john-dehlin/">his podcast, Mormon Stories, </a>every week from his home office in North Logan, Utah. Fri, 27 Jun 2014 20:57:00 +0000 Terry Gildea 49276 at http://wknofm.org Podcaster Risks Excommunication For Defending Gay Mormons Twice Rejected, LGBT Group Won't Give Up On Boy Scout Bid http://wknofm.org/post/twice-rejected-lgbt-group-wont-give-boy-scout-bid Seventh-grader Senicka Arciaga-Spears wants to be a Boy Scout. Over a homemade Sunday evening dinner, he tells his two moms, Eliza and Kelly, that he wants to learn survival skills — including fishing and "dangerous hiking."<p>Eliza would like her son to join the Scouts, too. "They teach discipline and obedience and respect and self-sufficiency. I want that for him," she says. Wed, 31 Jul 2013 22:05:00 +0000 Terry Gildea 34741 at http://wknofm.org Twice Rejected, LGBT Group Won't Give Up On Boy Scout Bid Sundance Subsidy Stirs Conservative Pushback http://wknofm.org/post/sundance-subsidy-stirs-conservative-pushback A disagreement between supporters of the <a href="http://www.sundance.org/festival/" target="_blank">Sundance Film Festival</a> and a conservative think tank in Utah is raising questions about whether tax dollars should support the arts. The Sutherland Institute says some films screened at Sundance do not reflect Utah values.<p>The controversy began with a <a href="http://sutherlandinstitute.org/news/2013/01/11/complex-sundance-film/" target="_blank">blog post</a> on the Sutherland Institute's website. Tue, 22 Jan 2013 20:56:00 +0000 Terry Gildea 25714 at http://wknofm.org Sundance Subsidy Stirs Conservative Pushback Utah House Candidates Both Have The 'Right Strategy' http://wknofm.org/post/utah-house-candidates-both-have-right-strategy In Utah, the state's lone Democratic congressman is in a tough battle for a seventh term. Jim Matheson's opponent, Mia Love, has the support of national GOP superstars and, if elected, would become the first black Republican woman in Congress.<p>In a state where only about 25 percent of residents vote as Democrats, Matheson has successfully gotten enough Republicans to vote for him and keep him in office for the past 12 years. Sat, 29 Sep 2012 09:56:00 +0000 Terry Gildea 20817 at http://wknofm.org Utah House Candidates Both Have The 'Right Strategy' GOP Hopes House Hopeful Will 'Change Impressions' http://wknofm.org/post/gop-hopes-house-hopeful-will-change-impressions A Utah congressional hopeful will take the stage Tuesday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.<p>Mia Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, a small Utah community, but her energy and personal story have Republicans believing she's a winner. If elected, she'd become the first black female Republican in Congress.<p>Perhaps Love's unofficial audition for a speaking slot in Tampa started when she took the stage at the Utah state GOP convention in April.<p>"You can work hard. You can save, you can improve your life and the lives of your children," she said. Sun, 26 Aug 2012 18:30:00 +0000 Terry Gildea 19116 at http://wknofm.org GOP Hopes House Hopeful Will 'Change Impressions'