wmps http://wknofm.org en Convertible Devilles Box Their Way To The Top http://wknofm.org/post/convertible-devilles-box-their-way-top <P>Over the course of time, Ronnie And The Devilles had two Ronnies and two Jordans.&nbsp; Eventually they would become the first band to cut a record in Memphis which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, but by that time there were no Ronnies, no Jordans, and they weren’t the Devilles any more.&nbsp;</P> <P>Let’s start with that outrageous claim that Memphis had not produced a number one record before 1967.&nbsp; What about all those number one Elvis records?&nbsp; Well, none of them, to that point, had been recorded in Memphis.&nbsp; While Elvis decidedly resided in the City of Good A Thu, 14 Mar 2013 11:50:48 +0000 Rob Grayson 28044 at http://wknofm.org Convertible Devilles Box Their Way To The Top