William Ackman http://wknofm.org en Blame The J.C. Penney's Board http://wknofm.org/post/blame-jc-penneys-board <p>J.C. Penney canned CEO Ron Johnson after seventeen months. His implosive changes cost Penney billions and shareholders forty percent of their investments. &nbsp;</p><p>But Johnson’s only the face of the disaster. And nobody has mentioned Penney’s board of directors.</p><p>The real culprit is a guy named William Ackman and the rest of Penney’s board of directors. Ackman manages a hedge-fund that is Penney’s largest shareholder. It was Ackman who led the board to coax Johnson away from Apple.</p> Wed, 05 Jun 2013 12:36:00 +0000 John Malmo 31992 at http://wknofm.org Blame The J.C. Penney's Board