Emergency Preparedness

Aug 10, 2016

Memphis weather can be unpredictable and the time to prepare for emergencies is now and Ready Shelby can help.

Justin Fox Burks

August is National Peach Month!

Chalkbeat TN

Is your neighborhood school a candidate for future closure? Chalkbeat reporter Laura Faith Kebede analyzed recent closings in the Shelby County School District. Here's what 25 schools have in common with other recent shutdowns. 

Photo by Brooks Museum

This week, WKNO's Culture Desk takes a look at a chair in the Brooks Museum that could either fetch a pretty penny at an auction or be used to make house guests feel extremely unwelcome. Curator Stanton Thomas explains why this architecturally significant piece of furniture was both loved and hated by its owners.


Matt Ross-Spang spent nearly a decade as the sound engineer at Sun Studio recording modern bands using vintage techniques pioneered by his idol, Sam Phillips. When producers asked him to remix an album full old Elvis songs, he jumped at the chance. 

Food and Mood

Aug 3, 2016

There is an influx of research on how food affects mood.

Tomato Time

Aug 2, 2016
Jennifer Chandler

This is the season to let tomatoes take center stage.

Muhammad Mahdi Karim

The Shelby County Health Department has confirmed the third case of the Zika virus in the Mid-South, though more infections are suspected due to vacationers returning from the Caribbean and Central America. Click this story for more.

Caroline Bauman/Chalkbeat

On this week's Mid-south Education report, school closings may save money, but they also affect communities in unexpected ways. Chalkbeat Tennessee community editor Caroline Bauman  explains why two recent closings could have long-term repercussions for Shelby County Schools.

The University of North Carolina Press / Bill Ferris

As the author or editor of many books and at least 15 documentary films, Bill Ferris has long been helping us to reflect on Southern culture. Dr. Jonathan Judaken discusses the history of the South with Dr. Bill Ferris in a fascinating interview.