7:00 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

Interview with Rami Khouri on the Causes and Consequences of the Arab Uprising

Author and Professor Rami Khouri
Credit al-Jazeera America

Rami Khouri talks about the consequences of the Arab uprisings starting in Tunisia: were they a flash phenomenon, or the beginning of fundamental changes in the Middle East? 

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7:33 am
Wed June 18, 2014

Branding Begins with Performance

Branding begins with solid presentations inside your business.
Credit Archer>Malmo

Don’t ever believe you can build a great brand with just marketing and advertising: if your stores are being run properly, your brand will flourish, regardless of your advertising or your marketing plan. 

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Checking on the Arts
2:52 pm
Tue June 17, 2014

Memphis Symphony Drum Circle Aids Local Veterans

Frank Shaffer

One of the community outreach projects of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, the Drum Circle, is working with the local Veteran's Administration office.

Interview with Frank Shaffer and Susan Matthews.

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7:32 am
Wed June 11, 2014

All is not Just a Matter of Opinion

It is often better to listen and learn, rather than shout your own opinions.
Credit ra2 studio /

When starting a new job, recognize that there is plenty learn from your more experienced co-workers. Just because you have your own opinion does not mean you should automatically assume that your voice is equal to the voice of experience. 

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News and Features
7:30 am
Thu June 5, 2014

Old Brewery Could Become New Model for Historic Preservation

Activists avoided the phrase "historic preservation," then partied for a month. It may just save a Memphis landmark.  

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