3:09 pm
Tue September 23, 2014

Stories of Champions I: NeShante Brown

NeShante Brown teaches at Soulsville Charter School where students, so have, have a 100 percent college acceptance rate.

NeShante Brown, a founding member of the Soulsville Charter School, is the first profile in our "Stories of Champions" series.

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9:30 am
Fri September 19, 2014

Activists Look for Solutions to Teen Violence

On Sept. 16, Stevie Moore planted crosses in Foote Homes to represent loved ones lost to violence.
Credit Christopher Blank

Youth advocate Stevie Moore hopes that community leaders follow through on promises following recent teen violence.

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7:33 am
Wed September 17, 2014

Give Me a Good Slogan

A suffix is not a slogan. It's just bad marketing.
Credit Alexandar Iotzov /

Vegetarian? Fresh? Not-frozen? What is it that various companies are trying to achieve by adding "-tarian" to the end of their products? Not a good slogan, that's for sure. 

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5:48 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Davy Crockett's Arrival in Memphis

King of the Wild Frontier
Credit John Gadsby Chapman, Oil on Canvas / Art Collection, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Davy Crockett, folk hero, West Tennessee Congressman, bear-hunter, and martyr of the Alamo, had a colorful reputation, which he enjoyed and promoted.

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9:30 am
Wed September 10, 2014

Bonuses Became Blood Money

Marketing Consultant John Malmo
Credit archer>malmo

Are bonuses encouragement for improved performance, or just an additional expected part of a yearly salary? 

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