Jennifer Chandler

There is nothing better than a ripe, juicy summer tomato.

Magnolia Pictures

Robert Gordon's latest film analyzes the intellectual battle that, he says, gave birth to today's culture wars.

The Benefits of Massage

Aug 12, 2015

A massage may seem like a luxury, but there are many health related benefits to receiving a massage.


If you're not familiar with Italian ice, you need to try it!

Jennifer Chandler


A family's peach cobbler recipe inspires Jennifer Chandler's advice on how to get the perfect crust. Oh, and let's not forget to add grandmother's secret ingredient. Wink Wink.


Healthy Summer Eating

Jul 29, 2015

Healthy eating is just as important in the summer time as it is throughout the year.

Cucumber Cool

Jul 28, 2015
Justin Fox Burks

Are you like me and seem to plant too many cucumber plants each year?

Lisa Moses Leff

Lisa Moses Leff joins host Jonathan Judaken to discuss her new book, The Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust.  In the aftermath of the Holocaust, wracked by grief and determined to facilitate the writing of an objective history of catastrophe, the historian Zosa Szajkowski gathered evidence of the persecution from Jewish leaders in Paris and from the wreckage of bombed-out buildings in Berlin. Many Jews in France and the United States saw his collecting of those papers as a heroic effort; however, in time, this "rescuer" became a thief. Most of the documents he acquired in the 1950s—mostly pertaining to Jewish history in France since the seventeenth century—he stole from the archives.

Don't just sit there! 

Jul 24, 2015

Whether at work or binging on TV, sitting for long periods of time hurts our bodies.

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Displays and lighting make a big difference in retail. By simply making slight changes, most companies can improve sales and foot traffic.