Life Matters
6:49 am
Wed March 4, 2015

Easing into a Healthier New Year

Credit Church Health Center

WKNO is joining the Church Health Center to bring you Life Matters, tips and suggestions for making healthier choices.

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The Weekly Dish
6:49 am
Tue March 3, 2015

Variations on a favorite sweet treat

Credit Judy Pound Cakes

Tomorrow is National Pound Cake Day!

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11:53 am
Mon March 2, 2015

Tennessee Lawmaker Defends Call for "N.A.A.W.P."

In a two-minute speech to the Tennessee General Assembly last week, Shelia Butt, a state Rep. from Colombia, said she was not racist.

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6:50 am
Mon March 2, 2015

Most Retailers Could Benefit by Re-Lighting and Re-Displaying Their Merchandise

By simply re-displaying and re-lighting merchandise, Hudson News shops in airports improved sales dramatically.
Credit blackday /

Displays and lighting make a big difference in retail. By simply making slight changes, most companies can improve sales and foot traffic. 

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6:35 pm
Thu February 26, 2015

Brian Greene on Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and More

Author, Professor, and Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene

Through a remarkable series of theoretical and observational breakthroughs, science has given a sharp insight into the universe's earliest moments and future. Author and physicist Brian Greene joins host Dr. Jonathan Judaken for an in-depth discussion.  

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