Sep 27, 2016

Tomorrow is National Drink a Beer Day.

Brooks Museum of Art

It's one of the Brooks Museum's most popular paintings: "At the Foot of the Cliff," by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. As curator Stanton Thomas points out in this week's Culture Desk, the artist's dreamy and creamy brush strokes have beguiled art lovers for more than a century. But his contemporaries -- particularly the Impressionists -- weren't entirely uncritical of Bouguereau's smooth moves.

The Menopause Maze

Sep 21, 2016

Change is inevitable and if you are a female and are fortunate enough, you will eventually experience the change also known as menopause.


Food trucks are quickly becoming America’s favorite casual dining option …

Brooks Museum of Art

The Brooks Museum of Art turned 100 this year, and some of its earliest art works on display were those donated by its founders and supporters. That's true of this painting by the American artist Cecelia Beaux. The subject of the portrait is Mrs. Samuel Hamilton Brooks (nee Bessie Vance), whose financial gift to the museum included the family name. Museum director Emily Ballew Neff tells more.

Hollywood Feed

There’s a new bakery in town whipping up scrumptious organic treats … all for your favorite pet!

Brooks Museum of Art

William Edmondson came to sculpting later in life. With no prior training, he picked up a hammer, a railroad spike and some discarded limestone and got to work making what God told him to make: a tombstone. Fortunately, it wasn't his own. On this week's Culture Desk, curator Marina Pacini talks about why this Tennessee artist's work has a special place in the Brooks Museum's permanent collection

Courting Lady, ca. 1940s

The Outside Does Count When It Comes To Food Labels

Sep 7, 2016

If you find yourself spending additional hours in the grocery store, you are probably one of those "label readers."

Memphis has a new restaurant in town that’s not only serving up good eats … but is also making a difference in our hometown.

Dread Scott

Host Jonathan Judaken talks with artist Dread Scott about #BlackLivesMatter, the continuing history and struggle for racial equality in America, the connections between race and money, racial profiling, the lingering memories of lynching, and how art can affect social justice.