Christoper Blank

For 44-years, Father Nicholas Vieron has been teaching an introductory Greek class at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. The 90-year-old Pastor Emeritus just started a new session. There's still room left to pick up some phrases and ancient history, but mostly to relax with a man that some have called a Memphis "treasure."

Jennifer Chandler

Do you have a slow cooker?

Rhodes College

Now in its fourth year at Rhodes, the Tournées French Film Festival is back.

Spicing Things Up

Jan 12, 2016

With the new year and resolutions, so many of us are trying to find ways to eat healthier.

Christopher Blank

The Mississippi River is expected to reach its high water mark today. For the Mid-South, the unusual winter flood has provided more spectacle than threat.

Lyfe Kitchen

The new year brings resolutions … many of which will involve healthy eating.

Justin Fox Burks

On New Year’s Day, I leave nothing to fate.

Dave Eggers

Host Jonathan Judaken talks with renowned author Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng about the 2015 Memphis Reads selection What is the What, which recounts Valentino’s epic trek as a Sudanese Lost Boy seeking refuge in the midst of the carnage of war.


Dec 22, 2015

It’s the holidays and there is no better way to celebrate than with a glass of sparkling wine!

Christopher Blank

It takes a special combination of skills to run the Orpheum Theatre. Raising more than a million dollars every year is one of them. Being a risk-taker is another. For 35 years, Pat Halloran made an enormous impact on the institution. Along with restoring and expanding the building, he helped turn regional theaters like the Orpheum into New York producers, giving them leverage in an industry once dominated by a small coterie of Broadway investors. When Halloran steps down next week, he will leave both a proud legacy and a formidable challenge.