Jennifer Chandler

Le Bon Appetit. One of my favorite food events in town.  

Christopher Blank

Will the General Assembly fund a $90 million new home for more than 200 years of state records? Or will librarians and archivists have to find another way to manage an impending overflow?

Jennifer Chandler

This Thursday March 31 is National Clam Day!

Christopher Blank

Leaders of Tennessee’s Freemasons voted Thursday to uphold a ban on gay men. Meeting in Nashville, the Grand Lodge of Tennessee held firm in the belief that homosexuality is un-Masonic, a view also shared by the Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Justin Fox Burks

I can’t believe Easter is this weekend!

Jennifer Chandler

Old-fashioned fried chicken is good, but I have a homemade version that raises the bar … Potato Chip Chicken Tenders!

Simon Mott

One of Memphis' great producers and engineers is back in Memphis this week, revisiting old haunts, showcasing his photography and even performing at the Hard Rock Cafe. Terry Manning talks to WKNO about sound, imagery and his latest instrumental album.

Stephen V. Ash

Stephen Ash on his book - A Massacre in Memphis: The Race Riot that Shook the Nation One Year After the Civil War.

Jim Eikner, whose courtly charm and debonair zest for life loomed large in Memphis' media sphere, died Wednesday at age 82. He had been the voice and face of WKNO-TV for nearly three decades.

Jennifer Chandler

Fish Friday is a term that you hear this time of year.