Blake Farmer

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander helped shepherd President Trump's pick for Education Secretary through an intense committee vote Tuesday.

Tennessee’s two Republican senators have more bad than good to say about President Trump’s Executive Order related to refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority nations.

The Trump Administration gave the Tennessee Walking Horse industry some breathing room this week. A regulatory hold stalled a batch of new rules aimed at preventing abuse of the naturally high-stepping breed.

The latest skirmish about contamination near a coal-fired power plant in Gallatin involves a disagreement over raw ground water testing data.

President-elect Donald Trump will get an immediate opportunity to reshape the panel that governs Tennessee's power utility. Congress adjourned without confirming President Obama's nominees to the TVA board, and those Democratic appointees probably won't get another chance.

It's been a trying three years for the Nashville Symphony, which was teetering financially and barely avoided foreclosure on its iconic Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Now, audited financial statements show an organization that is operating in the black.

The Tennessee Valley Authority wants the public to weigh in on what should be done with all the coal ash piling up at its largest fossil plant, which is on the Cumberland River. But the federal utility has stated pretty clearly which way it's leaning, which is not in line with what most environmentalists want.

More than two weeks after a deadly wildfire burned through Gatlinburg, killing 14 people, city officials are giving a detailed account of what was done to save lives. 

As Tennessee's worst wildfire season in decades flames out, residents and visitors to fire-damaged areas are surprised to see the trees look fine.

But forestry officials say just because the woods weren't burned to stumps doesn't mean nothing is wrong.