Blake Farmer

Rep. Marsha Blackburn's office is responding, after being named in an investigation by The Washington Post and 60 Minutes for her role in legislation that "aided" in the explosion of the opioid epidemic.

A spokesman suggests the measure may have produced "unintended consequences" that Congress could revisit.

A bump in Tennessee's average ACT score this year is being linked to a new program that allows students to retake the college entrance exam for free. The state's composite score hit 20.1 for the first time, up from 19.9 in 2016.

Officials with Metro Water Services will make another pitch Tuesday evening for a $100 million flood protection system to keep downtown Nashville dry. The hearing was scheduled after the city of Houston flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

A new book pieces together the Vietnam experience of a 101st Airborne paratrooper and his reconnaissance unit. The book's author Doug Stanton says even the soldiers of Echo Company didn't understand precisely what they did in combat.

There is no year-to-year comparison with the standardized test results for elementary and middle school students in Tennessee released Wednesday. But education officials are not trying to make them seem better than they appear. 

Tennessee is getting $6 million to fund addiction treatment primarily for the state's uninsured. The money will be targeted at six counties, including Davidson.

Tennessee's attorney general has weighed in on whether school districts can withhold student data from charter schools that want it for recruiting purposes. According to the state's top attorney, they cannot.

Smooth-singing Don Williams has died after a short illness. The Country Music Hall of Famer was known for being soft-spoken. Even many of his hits, like "It Must Be Love" were low-key.

This season's massive hurricanes will force communities in Texas and Florida to ask a tough question: How do you make sure homes and businesses never flood again? Since its own devastating flood in 2010, Nashville has embraced one answer: offer to tear them down.

It would seem a welcome way out of disaster, but it's not always an easy sell.

There are a handful of bright spots in a so-so year for high school standardized testing statewide. Tennessee moved to a much harder test last year to match the difficulty in other states. This was the first opportunity for any year-to-year comparisons. District-level scores were released Wednesday.