Joe White

State of Tennessee

Lawmakers at the state Capitol are eager to go home—so much so they’re going to try to wrap everything up this week.  That means the gears of government turn a little faster.  The House and Senate will kick into overdrive, likely passing reams of legislation in a few days. It’s a strange time—where controversial proposals come out of nowhere and legislation thought long dead suddenly rises from the grave.

Rosengaard -

Big business pushed back against a bill up for debate in the Tennessee legislature that would allow gun owners to keep their firearms in their cars at work, as long as they have a permit and keep the guns locked up.

Tennessee ECD

An effort by the Haslam administration to close records regarding cash grants to private companies is being reworked after hitting a snag in the Tennessee Senate last week. Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey repeated what started as an argument from a few Democrats, that the state should at least make public who owns a company seeking state incentives.

The Tennessee Economic and Community Development Department says it needs this confidentiality bill to compete for business with other states.

Governor Bill Haslam wants to open the door for larger classes in Tennessee’s schools. The governor says with bigger classes, local school boards will need fewer teachers, and be able to pay the remaining teachers more.

The Tennessee Legislature reconvenes for its 2012 session tomorrow.  Last year, Governor Bill Haslam focused on his priorities and didn’t get into the legislative fray, but this year might be a different story.  WPLN Capitol reporter Joe White talks with Bradley George about what's in store.