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8:30 am
Wed December 4, 2013

Don't Overlook the Fundamentals

This is not a commercial for WKNO-FM, but I want to tell you one reason why I enjoy listening to the news on this station.

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7:30 am
Wed November 6, 2013

Who Saved Up To 40 Percent?

The government has approved of the undertakings.

One great problem with laws and rules and regulations is that in almost all cases, obedience requires oversight. We’re beset with Medicare and Medicaid fraud, not because they’re bad programs, but because there’s inadequate oversight.

And often, the people at whom the law or regulation is aimed simply don’t know it exists. Take one of the most common phrases in advertising: “Save up to 40%.”

The fact is that if you advertise like that to prospects, they all expect to save 40%.

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7:36 am
Wed October 30, 2013

In Restaurants, Everything Matters

Not the REAL fake sugar.

There’s a popular belief that nine out of ten new restaurants fail in the first year. It’s a myth.

A new study by an associate professor of hospitality management at Ohio State has identified a real figure of six. Six out of ten new restaurants fail in the first year. That’s still pretty high mortality, but not out of line with startups in other business categories.

Nevertheless, I think the only business tougher than retail is the restaurant business. There are just so many different reasons why people don’t come back.

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9:19 am
Wed October 16, 2013

The Internet Is The Ultimate Market Segmentation Medium

Marketing Consultant John Malmo

No matter what new services or products appear, no matter what tools, concepts, strategies or tactics people dream up, the basic fundamentals and principles of marketing stubbornly remain the same: maximize your assets, discover needs and how to satisfy them, and, of course, segment something. Anything.

Though almost every new business category begins with a broad market appeal, in no time, entrepreneurs segment the market. By price, gender, age, geography ... every way imaginable.

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7:35 am
Wed October 9, 2013

Barnes & Noble Is No Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster Video died a slow death, though profitable for many investors. Blockbuster stores lasted more than a decade beyond original predictions of demise.

Similarity between Blockbuster Video and Barnes and Noble book stores is uncanny: one rented and sold movies in retail stores and was put out of business by electronic delivery of movies; the other sells books in retail stores and online and is suffering from online books delivered electronically to hand-held devices.

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