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Harvard Business Review reports that thinking outside the box has become ubiquitous in business. 

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Business titles have always been a fascinating topic. They’ve changed dramatically in the last fifty years. 

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The safety razor was invented in 1901. About a hundred years later, Gillette owned an eighty percent share of the safety razor blade market, worth about a billion dollars a year.

It is perplexing to see executives and business writers continue to confuse objectives with strategies. And strategies with execution. 

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There appears to be no end to the business opportunities that have been created by the Internet. 

Marketing is my beat. Not education.

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The meaning of marketing is so screwed-up today that I jump for joy when I hear of a case of real marketing.

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I was a year old in 1934 when the Federal Communications Commission was created.

“Change” is a powerful word. 

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We were watching the ten o'clock news the other night, and my wife said, “This is the last time I'm going to watch the Channel Blank news.” Then she said, “It's just amateurish looking. The screen is messy. I can't take them seriously.”

I knew what she meant. The backdrop for some of the studio shots on that station is crowded. Too many different textures, patterns, and colors. Then there's the station logo in the corner, and copy crawling across the bottom of the screen. All at the same time.