Mari Earle

Host - Weekends

I have been a huge fan of public radio for as long as I can remember. My favorite shows are Car Talk and Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, and I'm really lucky to get to host them locally.

Once I began at WKNO-FM, I quickly recognized that working here fits right in with my Sunday schedule, since I'd be listening to public radio anyway.

I graduated from St. Mary's in 2006, and I am now working towards a degree in Social Work at the University of Memphis.  My mother recently took a job in Jackson, TN, which works out perfectly, since she can still tune in to FM 90.1 in Jackson to hear me on Sunday afternoons.  

I suppose my favorite part of working here has been my mother and grandmother bragging to their friends about my job.  I also enjoy the increased exposure I have to news stories and reports that may not always be represented in other media news outlets.