Michael Hibblen

The 2016 fiscal session of the Arkansas Legislature was formally adjourned Monday. With no major issues to address since last week’s passage of a final budget, lawmakers quickly wrapped up the session.

House Speaker Jeremy Gillam told colleagues that after "communicating with the Senate and determining there is no further business necessary to come before the fiscal session of the 90th General Assembly and in accordance with the provisions of the House concurrent resolution 1001, the House of Representatives is hereby adjourned sine die.”

The battle over the future of Gov. Asa Hutchinson's Medicaid expansion plan takes center stage on KUAR's podcast, with lawmakers recessed until Tuesday amid a standoff about funding. Jacob Kauffman reports on developments he's covered this week at the Capitol, while Chris Hickey speaks with state agency heads about the impacts to them if the healthcare plan for low income Arkansans isn't renewed.    

It's nothing  but Medicaid expansion special session talk on this week's podcast from the KUAR News crew.

We'll take a look at what was and wasn't on the call. Arkansas Works passes with comfortable margins in this week's long-anticipated special session but a bigger hurdle looms for the governor's healthcare plan for over 250,000 Arkansans in next week's fiscal session.

Can the Republican governor unite his party around healthcare expansion made possible by the Affordable Care Act?

On this week's podcast, the KUAR news staff discusses preparations for next week's special session of the Arkansas Legislature on healthcare, the debate over whether the state should continue to elect high court judges and the decision to expand charter schools in Little Rock.

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Gov. Asa Hutchinson is calling Donald Trump’s words "frightening" and hopes his endorsement of Sen. Marco Rubio can help sway the tide in the Republican presidential primary in Arkansas. His pointed comments about the Republican front-runner came during an interview aired nationwide Wednesday during NPR’s All Things Considered.

With just over a week before Election Day in Arkansas, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio campaigned in Little Rock Sunday, warning that an extended fight for the GOP nomination could cost the party the election.

Three weeks before Arkansas holds its presidential primary election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign opened its state headquarters in Little Rock Monday. Located at 323 Center Street, officials say it will serve as a place to organize state campaign activities.

As states begin voting to determine who will represent each party in the November presidential election, researchers are studying the psychology of how voters decide who to support.

A lab at Harding University in Searcy has been surveying groups of people on how they respond to the image of candidates and how they listen to the content of what's said during speeches and debates.

Dr. Jeremiah Sullins, an assistant professor of psychology, said the project has two overarching questions that they're working to answer.

On this week's podcast, a look at Gov. Asa Hutchinson's push for one special session to address changes to Medicaid and highway funding, the Little Rock School District advancing plans for two new schools and a look back at the career of Arkansas political legend Dale Bumpers.

Two big stories lead this week's podcast: a task force agrees with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson's push for changes to the state's Medicaid expansion plan and a look at how the state's congressional delegation voted on an omnibus bill funding the federal government through next September.