Steve Pike


5:42 pm
Thu January 9, 2014

St. Jude Study on Leukemia

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Main Entrance
Credit H Alpaugh / WikiMedia Commons

Over 50 years ago, entertainer Danny Thomas founded St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, arguing that "no child should die in the dawn of life." St. Jude continues to be at the forefront of children's cancer research.

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4:48 pm
Tue November 12, 2013

The Daredevil who Landed in Memphis

Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie
Credit Des Moines Register via Wikipedia

This Memphis Moments gives wing to daredevil and aviator Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie.

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6:11 pm
Thu October 31, 2013

Solvent Savings Bank and Trust Company

Robert R. Church, Sr.

Robert R. Church, Sr., founded the Solvent Savings Bank and Trust Company in 1906. It was Memphis' first black-owned-and-operated bank.

By 1907, the bank had survived the city's financial crisis, unlike some of its larger competitors; however, Robert R. Church, Sr., had to step-down as leader of the company because of poor health.

In 1911, Robert R. Church, Jr., took over his father's company. By 1920, Solvent Savings Bank and Trust Company had become one of the nation's largest African American banks.

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Memphis Moments
5:48 pm
Tue October 29, 2013

The UT Docs

In the fall, Southerners' fancies turn to football, and, in the 1920s, football included the amazing UT Docs. 

In 1920, the University of Tennessee School of Medicine was struggling to attract students, staff, and money. Students organized an informal team, the UT Docs. They played a few games, and they won. By 1922, they were better organized, better financed, and had hired a coach.

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5:50 pm
Tue October 8, 2013

Henry Ford And The Model T

A Model T Ford
Harry Shipler (1910) Shipler Commercial Photographers

Henry Ford founded a car company and changed our lives forever. His goal was to build a car that most families could afford, and he succeeded.

The first Model T was sold on October 1, 1908. To lower costs, Ford used standardized parts, mass production and an assembly line.

In 1914, it took 93 minutes to assemble a car. By 1925, new Fords rolled out every 10 seconds.

After making more than 15 million Model T’s, Ford ended production of the beloved “Tin Lizzies” in 1927. Even he admitted it was time for a change in style and another color besides black.

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