Armed + Dangerous: The Art of the Arsenal

Nov 16, 2011

Marina Pacini, chief curator at The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art talks about "Armed + Dangerous:  The Art of the Arsenal," an exhibit that explores the evolution, function, and craft of weaponry and armor across time and continents.  It demonstrates how they reflect the cultures that produced them and that even some of the most menacing objects can be aesthetically appealing.

The exhibition includes culturally diverse armaments, including a Greek helmet, American muskets and pistols, a Persian horned helmet, Filipino chain mail, three sets of medieval armor, African shields, and a Samurai suit, all of which display a balance of both fine craftsmanship and functionality.

Also open for the duration of the exhibition is a fantastic interactive space for all ages. Step into a samurai suit, hide yourself on a camouflage wall, watch a video of a squire dressing a knight, and create your own coat of arms on metal.  Don’t miss the opportunity to try on medieval and contemporary armor such as a bullet proof vest, sports gear, a chain mail glove, and more.

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