Democratic Tenn. Congressional Candidate Focuses on Education

Memphis, TN – Tennessee 9th Congressional District candidate Joe Towns, Jr. will focus on the economy, healthcare for seniors, and education in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the seat. Towns outlined his key stances and political background in an interview with Nicole Irwin in Memphis, Tenn..

"What has encouraged me to run for the 9th Congresional District is that I don't like the way the country is headed," Towns said.

Towns said his 14-year record in the Tennessee state legislature has consistently reflected an emphasis on education, and he highlighted key differences between his education stances and those of his opponent, incumbent U.S. Representative Steve Cohen.

"[Poor education] is driving the crime indices through the charts, it's driving the health care industry through the charts, it's driving the deterioration of property through the charts," Towns said.

"Educated people live longer because they make better choices about their health. Educated people preserve their property longer. It's driving the economics of our city, because if you don't have an educated populace, industry is not going to look at your city and want to come there," he added.

The Tennessee state primary takes place August 7.