DeSoto County Turns Out for Presidential Primary

Mar 12, 2008

DeSoto County, MS – Voter turnout is high today in DeSoto County. Voters are turning out to support Mike Huckabee, who's recently conceded the Republican nomination, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Candice Ludlow reports.

In 2004, the turn out was incredibly low. Only 384 people turned out. A major reason is there was no Republican Primary. Marla Treadway, Deputy Clerk for DeSoto County says the turn out is much heavier than they had thought it would be. She called it a good turn out.

There's been a steady stream of voters throughout DeSoto County. Many have expressed their enthusiasm for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. For the Democrats, the economy, healthcare and the war in Iraq were deciding factors.

John McCain, who is the nominee for the GOP, may have an uphill battle for those Republican votes. Some of those who voted for Mike Huckabee today may not go to the polls in November.

The polls close at 7, and after the votes are counted, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are likely to continue their race to the Whitehouse, or at least the Democratic nomination.