Do you love cupcakes?!

Jun 13, 2017

Well – today is your day!  It’s National Cupcake Lovers Day!

Credit Muddy's Bake Shop

I could think of no one better to call about cupcakes than our own local cupcake maven Kat Gordon of Muddy’s Bake Shop.

“I think people love cupcakes so much because they are really small and portable way to share something special with someone and you can mix and match the flavors really well and get to try a lot of different things.”

My problem is I always want to eat more than one … especially when they are the mini-cupcake size! There are just too many flavors to choose from at a bakery like Muddy’s.

“Well, hands down our most popular flavor is called Prozac and it’s our chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Its kind of a Devil’s Food with a little bit of coffee in it and you just can’t beat chocolate on chocolate for that. But I would say right now our seasonal flavor that is really just hitting people’s taste buds just right is Mimosa. So it’s just like very faintly orange with a little bit of that champagne pop to it and it’s just totally to die for.”

To be a great cupcake, you need a really great icing.

“My favorite icing for a cupcake is of course a classic buttercream icing. So that absolutely must be made with real butter and lots of it. You can add things to it. It is really versatile but I think the butter really makes the difference.”

And the best way to eat a cupcake?

Well my favorite way to eat a cupcake is obviously with a friend!”

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Happy National Cupcake Lovers Day!

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