Don Johanson Interview

Memphis, TN – Lucy, perhaps the most well-known hominid, was discovered by Don Johanson and Tom Gray in 1974. Johanson told Candice Ludlow that a girlfriend of his had a hand in naming Lucy after the discovery - and it had to do with a tape that they'd been playing regularly.

Don Johanson, the Director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arzona State University spends most of his days looking backward - often millions of years. His interest in human evolution as a young child began with a friendship with an anthropologist. That interest continued through his academic career, and in 1973, the young anthropologist made a discovery that would forever impact the study of human origins.

He was working on a dig in Ethiopia and was looking forward to a nice cool swim when he looked down and to his surprise he found.

Don Johanson, Director of the Institute of Human Origins, will talk about The Importance of Lucy, at Rhodes College tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the McCallum Ballroom/Crain Reception.

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