Eat Well and Do Good

Nov 22, 2016

First, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

As you give thanks for all the blessings in your life, consider attending this event next week that Felicia Willett, event founder and chef of Felicia Suzanne’s Restaurant, is about to tell us about.

“There is a group of female food professionals and we banded together and we call ourselves The Female Warriors and we are hosting our second annual event on Tuesday which happens to be Giving Tuesday.”

The Second Annual Female Warriors event is from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm next Tuesday November 29th. This event unites restaurateurs, purveyors, and culinary leaders to become champions for the women of Memphis.

“So we formed Female Warriors because we really wanted to have an impact on women in our community. We have partnered with The Women’s Foundation and we are serving as mentors for women in our city.”

There will be live music, fun cocktails, and delicious food from local female culinary warriors.

“That evening all of the food and drink are going to be prepared by members of The Female Warriors because we really want to showcase what great talent we have with females in Memphis.”

“We have a ride variety of women from all across the city that are going to be participating. We’ve got BJ from Alcenia’s, Michelle from Mosa, Elizabeth is bringing barbecue from Central Barbecue, Karen Carrier from Beauty Shop, and we’ve even got Jerri Myers from St. Jude.”  

And that’s just a few of the many women that will be participating that night.

“The proceeds for that evening will go to The Women’s Foundation … which is obviously dear to all of our hearts.”

For ticket information, call Felicia Suzanne’s Restaurant.

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Happy Thanksgiving.

For ticket information, call Felicia Suzanne’s Restaurant or

visit Female-warriors-armed-delicious-tickets.