HGTV Stands for Marketing Brilliance

Jan 8, 2014

Credit HGTV

HGTV began as a TV network. It now spans a spectrum of industries: multimedia, television, paint, internet, furniture, electronics, and more. 

The smartest outfit you may know almost nothing about could be HGTV. Founded just 21 years ago by newspaper publisher E.W. Scripps, owner of The Commercial Appeal, HGTV goes into 86 percent of American homes.

HGTV has split itself into several highly popular cable channels, such as the DIY Network, the Food Network and Cooking Channel. But you knew that.

What is extraordinary about HGTV is that the media brand has become so powerful that is now co-branding with several manufacturers. There’s HGTV Home Design Studio at Bassett Furniture. HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw and HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, as well its own signature brand in other product categories.

Did you know you can buy the HGTV Home Furniture Collection, HGTV Home Fabric and Trim, HGTV Home Lighting, HGTV Home Solar Lighting and HGTV Home Plant Collection? Next year you’ll be able to buy an HGTV mattress from the HGTV Home Sleep Collection. On a smaller scale this would be like going out to buy a WMC-TV television set in Memphis.

Brand awareness is everything in our economy, and nothing builds brand awareness as well as TV. Talk about maximizing your assets: extending a cable TV brand throughout every product in your house is simply brilliant marketing.

John Malmo is a Memphis marketing consultant who advises companies on their marketing and advertising. To ask Mr. Malmo your own question, visit