Incumbent Tenn. Representative Wants More Time on Capitol Hill

Memphis, TN – Incumbent U.S. Representative for the Tennessee 9th District Steve Cohen says he's been doing a good job in Congress and deserves another two years. Cohen spoke about his record during an interview with Nicole Irwin in Memphis. Cohen was elected to the seat in 2006.

"You want to win for your community when you're fighting for Memphis. You've got to be persistent and effective," Cohen said.

Cohen cited his strong work ethic and good rapport with his congressional colleagues as reasons for his success on Capitol Hill.

"You have a lot of grand opportunities to participate, to work for your community and to try to make your nation more just," Cohen said of his role in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Top issues for the Memphis area are energy, crime, and healthcare, Cohen said.

"I know I'll be better [if reelected]," Cohen said.

Cohen added that he has been working on legislation about criminal justice and the First Amendment, and that he'd like to see the results of his work.

The Tennessee state primary is August 7.