John Malmo: Find the Pressure Point

Find the Pressure Point, by John Malmo.

Memphis, TN – When they changed managers in a Steak 'n Egg Kitchen restaurant, sales often doubled, or fell off the chart. That was when I began to learn about the critical pressure point in business. A single stage in the operation of a business in any category that has more impact on success or failure than any other stage.

In most chain restaurants, it's the manager. In furniture manufacturing, it's the territory sales rep. In some retailing, it's location. In some retailing, it's the buyer. Of course, there are other important factors in every business.

Yet, with the right attention to that one pressure point, it usually can overcome weaknesses in every other area. The right manager will overcome almost every other kind of deficiency in a restaurant, but no restaurant can overcome a lousy manager. A buyer who knows what to buy, how, and from whom can have a greater impact than anything else at retail. The right buyer can even turn a bad location into a "destination store." Wal-Mart's success is based on buying, not selling.

You may already know the key pressure point in your business, but it may not be getting adequate priority. Until it is, you'll probably never maximize the company's potential. Leadership is best when it's slightly undemocratic.

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