Lessons Learned From Katrina - A Response Network

Memphis, TN – In the days following Hurricane Katrina, countless Americans watched, and listened, to the growing chaos in disbelief. One nurse, Kathy McGregor, frustrated in her efforts to deploy to the Gulf through the Red Cross, FEMA, the Salvation Army, and the Federal Department of Health, found her own way with the help of the National Nurses Organizing Committee.

Eighteen months later, determined to change the way disaster relief happens after the Hurricane Katrina crisis, a group of Memphis nurses are joining with her and thousands more in the formation of a new network initiated by the NNOC, called the RN Response Network. Sarah Ledbetter spoke with McGregor about her experience at the Common Ground Clinic in Algiers, Louisiana in the days after the levees broke, and with other Memphis nurses who are now part of the RN Response Network. Listen and find out why the Hurricane Katrina crisis still has important lessons to teach.

To learn more about the RNRN, please visit their website.