New Moon Theatre Company Presents King Lear at TheatreWorks

Apr 9, 2012

The aging King Lear determines to split his domain evenly between his three daughters. When asked which daughter loves him best, the two oldest, Goneril and Regan, shower him with false flattery and love.

Cordelia, the youngest daughter, refuses to pander to him and simply professes her love as a daughter should. In a rage, he disowns her and casts her out. Once the two remaining daughters have power over him they strip him of any remaining dignity.

Lear is driven mad by this, and his loyal followers must try to draw him back from the brink of destruction.

Directed by Anita "Jo" Lenhart, this production of William Shakespeare's King Lear runs April 6-22, 2012. Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 2pm.

For more information or tickets, call 901-484-3467 or visit


King Lear  - Bill Baker 

Kent - Gregory Boller

Fool - James Dale Green

Goneril - Christina Welford Scott

Regan - Kell Christie

Cordelia - Heather Malone

Gloucester - Bennett Wood

Cornwall - Gene Elliott

Albany - Jon Sparks

Edgar - Michael Bolinksi

Edmund - John Dylan Atkins

Oswald - William Henry

Gentleman & Servants - Blake Dorris

France & Servants - Michael Morrison

Burgundy & Servants - Rob Aymett