Radio Roundtable: Movement in School Consolidation?

September 2, 2011: Movement in School Consolidation?

Memphis, TN – This week's most important story: the ongoing consolidation of the Memphis and Shelby County school systems. The County Commission conducts a less-than-unanimous vote on the school merger settlement, and the disagreements continue, with a final plan still not ready.

Host Eric Barnes, publisher of The Memphis Daily News, and panel discuss this week's most important news story. This week's panel includes Les Smith of Fox 13, Bill Dries from The Memphis Daily News, Amos Maki from The Commercial Appeal, and Jackson Baker from The Memphis Flyer. For more on this week's topic, and other issues important in this week's news, tune-in to WKNO-TV/Channel 10 Friday evenings at 6:30 for Behind the Headlines.