Rosenwald Schools: A Bright Spot In Southern History

Whiteville and Braden, TN – Historically, schools in the South have fallen behind those in other parts of the country, and in 2007 that trend continues. But from an African-American perspective, that hasn't always been the case. During the last half-century of segregation, Southern schools for Black children prepared students for success despite institutionalized racism.

Sarah Ledbetter speaks with Evelyn Robertson, graduate of one of the 5300 schools, scattered throughout the south, that were built starting in 1913 to meet the needs of African-American children.

Also present is Ann Smithwick, photographer, who moved into one of the old Rosenwald schoolhouses and is now documenting Rosenwald graduates all over this region. They speak of an often overlooked bright spot in the history of the segregated South.