Say Cheese

May 30, 2017

Cheese dips are awesome!

Who doesn't love a creamy cheese dip with salty tortilla chips?

Memphis-based Tom’s Tiny Kitchen – which has made a name for themselves with their yummy pimento cheeses – has just introduced a line of tasty and fun cheese dips!

I sat down the Tom Flournoy to learn about my new favorite snack!

“The reason we got into the cheese dip is we thought that there was a need in the market place for some innovative cheese dips.”

Tom’s new cheese dip flavors are creative … and most importantly delicious!

“We have three flavors of cheese dip: our Classic White, our Spicy Thai, and our Chipotle Bacon.”

All three flavors have a white cheese base.  The twist comes with the added ingredients.

“I like bacon. I like the flavor of chipotle. And thus we came up with the Chipotle Bacon dip.”

It’s no surprise that Tom added chipotle to one of these dips … as that flavor is his spin on his mother’s classic pimento cheese recipe.

The Thai may be my favorite of the three. It has just a hint of spice that I was excited to learn the origin of.

“The spice in the Thai is sambal oelek.”

Perfect with an ice cold beer or a frozen margarita … these new cheese dips may be my go-to for a summer appetizer.

“Our new cheese dips are great for summer entertaining! You don’t have to go inside and turn the oven on. You just take it out of the fridge and use whatever your favorite chip is or pour it over some nachos.”

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Bon Appetit!

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