Singapore is Synonymous with Quality

Feb 10, 2012

The quality of consumer service fluctuates. It’s not like corn flakes.  May be great for awhile. Then not so great. Maybe awful. 

American Airlines used to be as good as an airline could be. Now American struggles in bankruptcy. So it’s really remarkable when one company’s on top decade after decade.

I’m talking about Singapore Airlines. It just won seven top honors in global travel. Best overall airline and best in each of tourist, business and first class categories.

I had the pleasure to fly Singapore Airlines a couple times about forty years ago. It was new, and it was the best then. There must have been two or three management changes in forty years, yet Singapore remains the world’s best airline.

Best airport in the world? Changi Airport, where else . . . but in Singapore, of course. You may never have been in Singapore, but you’ve probably read about people being caned for mere vandalism.

My primary impression of Singapore – my favorite city in the world - It’s beautiful. It’s clean. It’s efficient. World’s best airport. World’s best airline all in one city state about the population of Greater Atlanta.

Why this extraordinary reputation for quality in Singapore? In my opinion, one word. Discipline. Companies and governments with discipline give good service.


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