Somebody has to be CMO

Aug 24, 2011

Somebody has to be CMO, by John Malmo

Memphis, TN – Marketing is an inherent requirement in every commercial venture. Whether it's a one-man-or-woman, work-at-home, or a Fortune One Hundred, marketing is the seed, or I should say, seeds, of every venture.

My guess is there aren't two-dozen real chief marketing officers within the sound of my voice. But there are thousands of commercial ventures. And in every one, whether he has the title or not, somebody has to be CMO. Somebody has to be responsible for marketing, because, without it, companies either will stagnate, or die.

Most often, the CEO should assume the marketing duties. In many companies, it will be the sales manager, if there is one. Sales managers often are equipped to assume marketing duties because they're close to the company's markets and users.

In a very small company, it might be a good idea to get everybody around a table, and make decisions that way. Then, the first question is, are we using the company's assets in the best way we can? Is there something else we should be doing because the market needs it, and we can do it? Those are the seeds I mentioned.

Even though there's no CMO title, every organization needs a serious marketing effort from somebody in the outfit. Somebody who knows it's her responsibility.

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