Spilt Milk Advertising

Apr 16, 2014

If a slogan is not interruptive, it's likely not to grab the attention of the intended audience. An ad that people relate to is also more useful than one full of abstract concepts.

Unless you’re going to California you won’t see any more of the great “Got Milk” advertising. The campaign that came out of California twenty years ago is being replaced in all other 49 states.

A new campaign focuses on milk’s protein. The new slogan is “Milk Life.” Advertising touts milk’s nutritional qualities.

It features a white tornadic-like visual effect swirling around people during strenuous activities. The new ad makers say it aims to highlight moments of accomplishment, achievement and enjoyment.

“The slogan brings to life how including milk’s protein at breakfast can help families make the most of their day,” they say. And if that’s not the most meaningless, generic drivel, then their ad copy is: “What eight grams of protein looks like when you’re breaking the law of physics.”

It’s puzzling when professionals ignore the basics. Advertising should interrupt. If ads aren’t interruptive, they’re ignored. The “Got Milk” campaign was one of the most interruptive campaigns in the last twenty years. If they want to feature milk’s protein, they absolutely could do so under the Got Milk creative concept of well-known endorsers with milk mustaches.

Everybody can relate to a milk mustache. Can you relate to what eight grams of protein looks like?

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