Super Tuesday: Shelby County & Tennessee

Memphis, TN – The results are finally in this evening for Shelby County and the State of Tennessee. In many ways, Shelby County is very different than the rest of the state. Candice Ludlow explains.

In Shelby County, Democratic voters overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama, while Hillary Clinton clearly took the state with 59 percent of the overall Democratic ballots. In fact, it's almost the opposite statewide. 70 percent of Shelby County Democratic Primary goers cast their ballots in favor of Obama. Statewide, he received 35.

The results of the Republican Primary in Tennessee are much more closely reflected in Shelby County. For instance, Mike Huckabee beat McCain by 2 percentage points statewide @ 35%. In Shelby County, the spread between Huckabee and McCain was slightly larger, with Huckabee taking 38 % and McCain only 30. In Memphis, I'm Candice Ludlow.