A Sweet Local Holiday Treat

Dec 6, 2016

When considering what to give for gifts this Holiday season … think about a locally made treat.

There are some many delicious and unique food items made by folks here in our hometown.  The options range from sweets like caramels, chocolates and pound cakes … to pantry staples like jams & jellies, coffee beans and pickles.  One of my favorite treats to give and receive is Caramel Corn from Wolf River Popcorn Company.

I asked Jim and Jan Owen, owners of the Wolf River Popcorn Company, to tell us a little about their yummy popcorns.

“We were making caramel corn for friends at the Holidays and one of our friends asked for a 100 bags to give to his clients. He said it was the best he ever tasted. So we figured we had something there and we kinda took off from that.”

“Our caramel corn is a mix of butter, light and dark brown sugar, a little water, and a little salt. We make it into a caramel and then we coat freshly popped popcorn.”

If you like a little savory with your sweet, then you need to try their signature Memphis blend.

“Memphis is synonymous world-wide with a great, unique barbecue taste. We wanted to express that taste ourselves, so we worked with a spice master to develop a unique mix that we coat one popcorn with and we put it in the same bag with caramel corn for the brown sugar … and together we give you a real Memphis taste.”

If looking for a great selection of locally made products, put this Saturday December 10 on your calendar.  From 9a to 1p, the Memphis Farmers Market’s annual Holiday Market will feature a cornucopia of locally made foods and gifts … including Wolf River Caramel Corn. 

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish.  Happy Holidays!

For more information about Wolf River Popcorn Company and where you can purchase a bag, visit www.wolfriverpopcorn.com.