Tennessee Distillers Link Up For Whiskey Trail

Jun 19, 2017
Originally published on June 19, 2017 9:37 am

Kentucky has its bourbon trail. And now Tennessee has a 25-stop whiskey tour. The Tennessee Distillers Guild is making the announcement Monday.


The distilleries range from start-ups to industry giants.


Brian Downing of George Dickel narrates a promotional video showing video footage of distilleries from Pigeon Forge to Memphis.


“The idea of a trail really helps draw all these distilleries together," Downing says. "This is a very congenial industry. Nobody is out to take anyone else’s lunch money. Everyone’s goal is really to find the thing they like to drink and to understand why they like it.”


Visitors can get a free booklet and collect stamps at each distillery. Everyone who collects all 25 gets a commemorative gift.


The whiskey trail’s website encourages a 10-day itinerary for enthusiasts who want to finish in one trip.

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