Vino al Fresco

May 23, 2017

Wondering what to drink at your Memorial Day picnic this weekend?

I asked Chase Rumble, the Beverage Specialist at Whole Foods Market on Poplar Avenue, to give us some recommendations for the perfect wines for summertime.

“Summertime is a great time for picnics … and chilled wine paired with chilled food is always a great way to save on what you carrying out and what you are bringing for your guests. Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays, Vino Verde, things with a little bit of bubbles in them can really help bring out the flavors of deli meats, chilled fried chicken, or potato salad.”

“When I go to picnics, I like to bring something like a Vino Verde -  that has just enough sparkle in it to really entice the drinker.”

What is Vino Verde? Chase explained that this simple table wine has a little bit of bubble and just enough effervesce to make them a real crowd-pleaser.

“Sparkling wines can be a delightful addition to any picnic.”

Chase recommends pairing Proseccos and domestically produced sparkling wines with fruit juices for a special event libation.

And did you know that fried chicken and sparkling wines are a match made in picnic heaven? The marvelous acidity and bubbles of sparkling wines cut through rich, heavy dishes.

And what is the best way to serve a white or sparkling wine at a picnic?

“Focus on white wines that you chill at home and this way by the time you reach your camp ground or picnic site, your wine will have become “European-cool” – which is a superior way to serve your wine.”

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Cheers!

Chase Rumble is the Beverage Specialist at Whole Foods Market on Poplar Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee.

Chase regularly hosts wine courses at the store (see below for upcoming dates). And, in addition to helping you pick the perfect bottle of wine, he can help you choose the perfect cheese to go with it.

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