A Visit to a Kit Airplane Factory

Jan 20, 2012

According to Kitplanes magazine, more than 10,000 airplane kits were sold in 2004, the last year figures were compiled.  That's more than five times the number of factory-built small aircraft sold that year.  A prominent player in the kit airplane field is Zenith Aircraft Company, based in the small town of Mexico, Missouri.  WKNO's Darel Snodgrass visited Zenith, took a ride in one of their STOL (short takeoff and landing) airplanes, and talked with the company president about kit planes.  Zenith conducts factory workshops several times a year, where people who are interested in building an airplane can come to the factory and a build a rudder for the particular plane they're interested in building.  Darel also talked with a few of these ordinary folks who have dreams of flying their own homebuilt airplane.