Watch Another New T-Rex Being "Built" at the Pink Palace Today

Jun 28, 2012

Dr. Neal Larson is well-known for discovering and excavating the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex known as Sue, and the associated legal battles that went along with that discovery.

  He's going to be at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum today (Thursday) from noon until 5 pm, assembling a research-quality skeletal cast of another famous T-Rex, Stan, and you can watch him.  This is the first full-sized fossil T-Rex skeleton to come to Memphis, and the Pink Palace wants to keep him here. 

Darel Snodgrass spoke with Dr. Larson and the Pink Palace's Ronda Cloud about Stan, fossil-hunting, and the value of exhibits like this in getting kids interested in science.


For more information about the "Save the T-Rex" campaign, visit  To see pictures of Stan, and video of his excavation, visit