We're Losing Social Discipline

Feb 6, 2013

Marketing Consultant John Malmo

In a recent conversation with a group of instructors at a vocational college, one of them said, “Finding these young fellows a job after they graduate isn’t the problem. The problem is that many don’t understand what they have to do to keep their jobs.”

They just can’t get it in their heads that they have to come to work every day. That they can’t just decide to skip a day or two. They can’t realize the importance of being on the job at eight, not eight-forty-five. That they have to have on a clean shirt. They have to have their tools.

The problem is not teaching them how to install and repair the equipment. We may have to start having classes to teach personal responsibility.

One recent national survey by a human resources group found that professionalism, and work-ethic is the number one applied skill that young workers lack. One business writer says that social discipline is the most important missing element among young workers.

Finding punctual, reliable workers today is harder, the survey found, than workers who could master the actual work. We’d love to hire enthusiasm and motivation, one H.R. professional said, but we have to settle for someone we hope will just show-up. 

What do you suppose we’ve done to downgrade American labor to such a degree?

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