What Became of Marketing?

Apr 4, 2012

The last twenty years has called for brilliant marketing strategists. But American marketing has responded by shallowly redefining its meaning.

So, so-called marketing officers are trying to save dying brands and businesses with the wrong skills, wrong tools.

The Internet redefined retailing. Laptops, tablets redefined the workplace, even work itself. Emerging economies redefined markets. Customers – even old customers – redefined themselves.

A few true marketing strategists have had a field day, while plastic CMOs are sinking their ships. How does Apple, with zero retail experience, create the most successful retail stores in the world? How does Kodak fail to re-deploy its great assets for future success? How does Target rocket from the department store pack while Sears overlooks its assets?

The problem with re-defining a job or process, is that there’s no one assigned to the responsibilities of the original definition. If you re-define marketing, there’s no one to handle marketing.

Identify your company’s real assets. Study your competitors and markets. Identify changes. Then re-deploy your assets for the opportunities emerging from the changes.


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