Younger by Tonight: Just $99!

Mar 28, 2012

I’m always fascinated by the different ways people earn their living and what people can be sold. 

In California recently, for instance, an ad in the Desert Sun newspaper caught my eye. The name of the advertiser is “Younger by Tonight.” And here are what it sells: firm those saggy arms for forty-nine-dollars, smooth lip lines for forty-nine, an ultrasonic facial for fifty-nine, and my favorite, the ten-minute fat blast for thirty-nine dollars.

Or the piece de resistance, "The Works," for only ninety-nine bucks.

When I asked the gentleman on the phone to describe the Fat Blast he said, “Well it uses Ultrasonic Cavitation.” Unfamiliar with cavitation, I went straight to Mister Webster, and, sure enough, cavitation means the formation of a cavity. And if you’re a candidate for a Fat Blast, I reckon forming a cavity is desirable.

Nevertheless, the whole thing just reminded me of Kingfish in the old Amos and Andy series because The Kingfish always had some get-rich-quick scheme for his brothers in the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge.

And I can’t help it if a thirty-nine-dollar, ten-minute fat blast with Ultrasonic Cavitation doesn’t sound right up the Kingfish's alley.


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