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Middle East
4:04 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Annan Gives Bleak Assessment Of Syrian Ceasefire

Special envoy Kofi Annan says unacceptable levels of violence and abuse are continuing in Syria. He said military activities have declined somewhat but the level of violence is still too high. Annan warned about the devastating repercussions if the fragile peace plan failed.

3:35 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Sen. Lugar's 36-Year Career Ends With Primary Loss

Republican Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana has lost his bid for re-election. In Tuesday's primary, he was defeated by Tea Party challenger Richard Mourdock.

3:22 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Canadian Firm Will Pay Dividends In Gold

Originally published on Wed May 9, 2012 6:28 am



And today's last word in business is: striking gold.

The Gold Bullion Development Corporation, a Montreal-based exploration company, will now allow its shareholders to have their dividends paid in gold.


Company President Frank Basa has been paid in gold actually for more than 20 years.

FRANK BASA: Gold automatically adjusts to marking conditions regardless where you are and what you're doing.

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3:22 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Violin Virtuoso Roman Totenberg Dies At 101

Originally published on Wed May 9, 2012 4:01 am

Violinist and music educator Roman Totenberg had a long and distinguished career as a concert violinist, and taught for many years at Boston University and other schools. He was also the father of NPR's Nina Totenberg. He died Tuesday at the age of 101.

3:22 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Business News

Originally published on Wed May 9, 2012 6:16 am

Japanese automaker Toyota on Wednesday announced its January to March profits quadrupled over last year to $1.5 billion. The company struggled with production after last year's earthquake and tsunami caused huge delays at its factories. With production back to normal, Toyota expects this to be its most profitable year since before the global financial crisis.