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Sweetness And Light
9:00 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

For Two Old Teammates, Risks Of Loyalty Are Real

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim (above), two days after sexual abuse allegations against a former assistant were made public, and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing (below), during a youth leadership event last year, played alongside each other in the 1960s.
Nate Shron Getty Images

Originally published on Tue November 29, 2011 11:01 pm

It is not uncommon for outstanding athletes to succeed in later life, but it is rare for teammates, literally playing side by side, both to be in the spotlight almost half a century later.

But such is the case with two old boys from Syracuse, who were roommates as freshmen, went on to become the starting backcourt, saw their lives diverge after college — and now, at an age when most men have retired, are facing two very different but very painful challenges in the professions they've chosen, in the places they love.

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11:15 am
Tue November 29, 2011

Protesters In Iran Storm British Embassy

In Iran on Tuesday, students and other protesters stormed the British Embassy in the capital Tehran, smashing windows, throwing firebombs and burning the British flag. The crowd had gathered at the embassy to protest new severe economic sanctions imposed by Britain, cutting off all banking with Iran. Renee Montagne talks with Washington Post reporter Thomas Erdbrink, who is in Tehran.

6:38 am
Tue November 29, 2011

American Airlines Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Originally published on Tue November 29, 2011 11:16 am



NPR's business news starts with American Airlines filing for bankruptcy.


INSKEEP: Let's find out why the parent company of the giant airline sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today. One of the corporate press releases does not offer too much help - not even using the word bankruptcy. Instead, headlined: American Airlines Begins Legal Process in United States to Improve Competitiveness.

NPR's Chris Arnold is covering this story. Chris, what does that actually mean?

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6:09 am
Tue November 29, 2011

Former Canadian Football Stars Fight Caught On Tape

Originally published on Tue November 29, 2011 11:16 am



Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. It's never too late to settle a score. Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca are former Canadian Football League stars. They supposedly haven't liked each other since competing in 1963.

Last week, the 73-year-olds were honored at a lunch. Kapp offered a flower as a peace gesture. Mosca rejected it, and lashed out with his cane. Kapp advanced with his fists.

5:57 am
Tue November 29, 2011

British Film Archive Discovers Lost Disney Short

The short animated film Hungry Hobos created by a young Walt Disney starred a rabbit. It was one of about 26 cartoons featuring Oswald the rabbit. Hungry Hobos screened in 1928 but sat on the shelf for decades. It will be sold at auction.