Civil War

4:53 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

Allen James Walker

Battle At Fort Pillow

As a soldier in the 7th US Colored Heavy Artillery, Allen James Walker was stationed at Corinth, Mississippi and Ft. Pickering, here in Memphis.

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6:30 pm
Thu February 20, 2014

Ta-Nehisi Coates on A Deeper Black: Race in America

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates
Credit The Atlantic Magazine

Ta-Nehisi Coates, national correspondent at The Atlantic, joins host Jonathan Judaken for a discussion on his upbringing, his influences, politics, and race in America. 

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7:13 pm
Tue September 10, 2013

Forrest's Raid On Memphis

Forrest's raid into Memphis -- Rebel attack on the Irving prison. From Harper's weekly: a journal of civilization. Sept. 10, 1864
Credit George H. Ellsbury - Harper's 1864 / The New York Public Library, Digital Gallery

Ever since the Battle of Memphis in June of 1862, the town had been in Union hands. This was especially galling to Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, since Memphis was his home town.

On September 10, 1864 Forrest staged a nighttime raid, hoping to free Confederate prisoners and capture two Union Generals, Washburne and Hurlburt, who were in command there. Forrest led about 1,500 men against a force of 6,000 Union soldiers. His forces arrived on Beale Street, and then split up.

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5:49 pm
Thu August 29, 2013

General Washburn's Escape Alley

Hidden beneath the tall buildings and major venues of Downtown Memphis lies General Washburn’s Escape Alley, which is home to a significant piece of Memphis history.

Union Major General C.C. Washburn was in Memphis during the Union army’s occupation of the city during the Civil War. The alley, which runs from Front Street to Autozone Park, backed-up to the General’s home.

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5:50 pm
Thu June 6, 2013

The Battle of Memphis

The Battle of Memphis
A.R. Ward

When the Civil War broke out, Memphis declared its allegiance to the Southern cause. 

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