I guess I can say now that I’ve seen it all. It was a big social step when New York City started giving away millions of condoms every year. But a recent story in the New York Times took things up another notch. 

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If you need one more sliver of evidence of the value of brand equity, consider Firestone. 

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The "Avis: We-Try-Harder" campaign has identified the brand for fifty years in a category with no other indelible advertising identity. 

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In the last fifty years only the postal business has changed as fundamentally as has journalism. 

My generation grew up with a steady advertising diet of “Ivory Soap. Ninety-nine-and-one-hundredths-percent pure. And it floats.” 

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Harvard Business Review reports that thinking outside the box has become ubiquitous in business. 

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Business titles have always been a fascinating topic. They’ve changed dramatically in the last fifty years. 

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The safety razor was invented in 1901. About a hundred years later, Gillette owned an eighty percent share of the safety razor blade market, worth about a billion dollars a year.

It is perplexing to see executives and business writers continue to confuse objectives with strategies. And strategies with execution. 

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There appears to be no end to the business opportunities that have been created by the Internet.