Forrest Park

Behind the Headlines
4:53 pm
Fri February 8, 2013

Radio Roundtable: Forrest Park, School Budgets, And Guns In Parking Lots

This week on the Behind the Headlines Radio Roundtable, the panel discusses renaming Forrest Park, the merged-school budget, and a guns-in-parking lots bill from the Tennessee State Legislature.

This week's panel includes guest-host Pierre Kimsey, Bill Dries of the Memphis Daily News, Michael Kelley of the Commercial Appeal, and Jackson Baker of the Memphis Flyer.

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Memphis Moments
1:42 pm
Fri March 23, 2012

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest is best known for his role as a brilliant military strategist for the Confederacy during the Civil War and as one of the founders of the Ku Klux Klan. But there's more to Forrest's story than that.

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