7:30 am
Wed January 29, 2014

Fisher-Price: The Classic Innovator

Credit Andrey Kiselev /

Who's the classic example of an innovative company that develops new products the right way? Fisher-Price

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7:30 am
Wed September 11, 2013

Henry Ford, In Reverse

Henry Ford's Model-T
Harry Shipler (1910) Shipler Commercial Photographers

How Henry Ford developed mass-production is a fascinating story. It's also one that I've had backwards all my life: I believed that Ford was able to reduce car prices for a mass market because of his genius in perfecting mass-production assembly lines.

Actually, the opposite is true. Ford's low prices forced development of mass-production to meet the demand. Hear what Ford, himself, said about it:

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9:58 am
Mon November 28, 2011

The Myth of the "Ah-Hah!" Moment

Galileo Galilei
Nicolas Larento

The world has been celebrating the life of Steve Jobs.  At the same time, a story popped up in Harvard Business Review that’s worth thinking about in the context of Mr. Jobs.  It’s about the myth of innovation.  

The point of the article is that we celebrate great innovators such as Jobs and Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton; all great discoverers, inventors and innovators.  And, generally, we believe in that ah-hah moment of the innovator.  

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