Eleanor Boudreau

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges will be arraigned on two counts of bribery Friday. Early information points to the mayor having a problem with gambling.

Hodges will retire as mayor effective January 13. In a statement Hodges wrote, “I have been told that many residents of Millington are losing confidence in me. I cannot let this stand.” But Hodges is tight-lipped about the charges against him. “My situation is still under litigation and at the advice of my attorney I have no comment,” Hodges said.

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges was arrested on bribery charges this afternoon. Millington is best know as the home of singer/actor Justin Timberlake, but for almost a year, the small town has been the target of a massive investigation into government corruption and the Shelby County District Attorney says that investigation will continue.

Over the past months, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation excavated papers from city hall and the mayor’s house, and dug a hole with a back-hoe outside Transmission Doctors, a Millington auto shop.