JC Penney

7:30 am
Wed February 19, 2014

Rest in Peace, JCP

Credit JC Penney / WikiMedia Commons

J.C. Penney has been struggling to rebrand.  After replacing the CEO, they have reverted to their former retail image.

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7:35 am
Wed June 6, 2012

Too Many Changes At Once Seldom Works

“Change” is a powerful word. 

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1:01 pm
Wed March 14, 2012

If It's Important, Just Say It!

A JC Penney retail store.

The very best advice about advertising is: if you have something important to say, just say it. If you don't, sing it. So it distresses me when I see advertising that says nothing, for a brand that really has something to say. And in the case of JC Penny, I mean, literally nothing.

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